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BIFBurundi Franc (currency of Burundi)
BIFBank Insurance Fund
BIFBanded Iron Formation (geology)
BIFBisexual Female
BIFBird in Flight (photography slang)
BIFBefore I Forget
BIFBuilt-In Function (normally associated with programming language assemblers)
BIFBorder Infrastructure Fund (Canada)
BIFBasis in Fact
BIFBalance in Full
BIFBoiler and Industrial Furnace
BIFBiotechnology Innovation Fund (Australian government)
BIFBrevet d'Initiateur Fédéral (French diploma)
BIFBend-Insensitive Fiber
BIFBinary Information File
BIFBorderline Intellectual Functioning
BIFButt in Front
BIFBenchmark Interchange Format
BIFBureau Information Femmes (French: Women's Information Office; Switzerland)
BIFBenevolence International Foundation, Inc.
BIFBenchmark Interface Format
BIFBusiness Investment Fund
BIFBayesian Interchange Format
BIFBanking Insurance Fund
BIFBeer It Forward
BIFBilateral Force
BIFBus Interface Function
BIFBali International Finance
BIFBrøndby Idræts Forening (Danish Football Club)
BIFBomb-In-Face (defensive technique used by fighter-bombers)
BIFBoring Intellectual Fart
BIFBill Image Formatter (Arbor BP Billing System)
BIFBuilt-in Flexible (plumbing)
BIFBandwidth of Intermediate Frequency
BIFBrothers of the Immaculate Fermentation (amateur California wine makers)
BIFBoilers, Incinerators, and Furnaces
BIFBioactive Inorganic Fillers
BIFBarrow-in-Furness (UK)
BIFBoehringer Ingelheim Fonds (medical research)
BIFBerliner Institut für Finanzmarktforschung (German: Berlin Institute for Financial Research)
BIFBasic in Flow
BIFBest Internet Friend (chat slang)
BIFBuilders Iron Foundry (various locations)
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Earlier, while submitting its response to the TRAI consultation paper on Net Neutrality, BIF had written that Net Neutrality principles should ensure that there is no interference with the customer's ability to access lawful online content, applications, and services of their choice.
21-27, Salam explained that BIF aims to organize music festivities, but also cultural, art, technology and sports events.
In contrast to the BIF, the IAP formally and openly solicits proposals from companies.
Congratulating Mir Hazar Khan Khoso on taking the Charge as Prime Minister, the Chairman, BIF Abdul Wadood has thanked the election commission for the selection and appointment of the extremely honest and spotless Prime Minister.
The holes were drilled a -60 DEG angle with an easterly, north easterly or northerly azimuth to intersect the BIF at a perpendicular angle depending on the orientation of the BIF.
Geological interpretation indicates that the magnetite BIF is both faulted and folded, with further interpretation of the structure and continuity of the BIF in progress.
BIF bags are used in fume treatment in cement and aluminium industries, steel plants, asphalt plants and other allied industries were dust collection as product recovery or nuisance venting is the primary objective.
The three BIF members that failed in 2004 were small institutions with total assets of $151 million; the sole SAIF member that failed had only $15 million.
The IRS argued that the taxpayer reaped incidental benefits, demonstrated by the ability to subject itself to one regulatory scheme and continue its association with the BIF (which was more stable than the SAIF).
The federal government has frozen the assets of BIF offices in Illinois and New Jersey.
11] Neither of these conditions is met in the current configuration of BIF and SAIF; so it is unlikely that any competitive benefits now offset the costs of maintaining two separate FDIC deposit insurance funds.
The BIF Truck Finance Handicap Hurdle is a tricky affair and I think the improving Really Chuffed and the top weight Gan Saru should fight out the finish.