BIFADBoard for International Food and Agricultural Development
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Kerry Byrne's leadership (recently retired USAID officer), this comprehensive analysis and rationale (and support programs recommended to advance sustained broad-based economic growth) was presented to and favorably received by representatives of numerous development-related organizations: including the World Bank, MCC, IDB, USDA, State, USAID, United States International Trade Commission, as well as various think tanks and development leaders, such as Woodrow Wilson Center, USAID's Agricultural Sector Council, APLU, BIFAD, AIARD, Bread for the World, Central American Bank of Economic Integration (CABEI), UN/ECLAC, IICA, various senior governmental officials, etc.
BIFAD has undertaken two major studies and members of the Board have participated in workshops and forums in several African and Asian countries with universities, mission staff, and with the research and extension efforts underway in those countries.