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BIFFBergen Internasjonale Filmfestival (Bergen International Film Festival)
BIFFBahamas International Film Festival
BIFFBerlin International Film Festival
BIFFBinary Interchange File Format
BIFFBoulder International Film Festival (Boulder, Colorado)
BIFFBig Improvements For Free (Dilbert)
BIFFBattlefield Identification Friend or Foe
BIFFBackhoe Induced Fiber Failure :-)
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Coincidentally Hassan's work received the second-highest number of votes from BIFF audiences.
He has enjoined the MILF to help the government forces in flushing out the BIFF who are spoiling the peace process in Mindanao.
He, Paul Quinn, Graham Oliver, Steve "Dobby" Dawson and David Ward came together as Son of a Bitch when Biff was only 15.
In her new book The Wartime Housewife: A No-Nonsense Handbook for Modern Families Biff encourages us to learn old-fashioned skills and values, and apply them to our modern lives.
Biff would become for me a friend, a mentor and a father figure.
After several years working in commercial with Charles Reinhart Company Realtors, Biff Weber has expanded to work in residential real estate as well.
His debut 3D feature "A Fish" also made its world premiere at BIFF - and it is a low-key film that ended up costing him only $100,000 to make.
The only global film festival in Iraq, BIFF aims to set a benchmark of excellence in Iraqi cinema, providing filmmakers with a platform to showcase their works despite the challenges they face.
But like all dreamers, Biff is determined to realise his passion and peeks through the window at ballet lessons, watches ballet on television and resolutely practises ballet positions until at last .
Much of the impact of the play relies on the actors in the two central roles, Willy and his elder son Biff.
Having commented elsewhere (Vanderwerken, "Gavin Grey") on several texts featuring aging former athletes trapped in their own actual or self-perceived glorious pasts, I focus here on two famous dramas ordinarily not viewed as sport-centered literature and two cases in point--ex-football stars Biff Loman, from Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman (1947) and Brick Pollitt, from Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955; 1974), who both suffer from House's Syndrome.
BIFF AND BUTTONS Three-year-old red brindle boxer Biff and white, deaf boxer Buttons, two, live with Barbara & Jim Bell in Grangemouth.