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BIFFBergen Internasjonale Filmfestival (Bergen International Film Festival)
BIFFBahamas International Film Festival
BIFFBerlin International Film Festival
BIFFBinary Interchange File Format
BIFFBoulder International Film Festival (Boulder, Colorado)
BIFFBig Improvements For Free (Dilbert)
BIFFBattlefield Identification Friend or Foe
BIFFBackhoe Induced Fiber Failure :-)
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Some of our equipment were also damaged because we have to swim across chest-deep water just to get close to the BIFF,' Iyog added.
The PPOC also said the drug traders have likewise turned to the BIFF for protection in the wake of the intensified anti-illegal drugs campaign of the government.
There is reason for both sides to work together in protecting these Teduray communities from the BIFF," Manggudadatu said.
Thanks to blood collected by PBB from canine donors at organised sessions nationwide, Biff recovered fully.
Catapang also called on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) , the largest Muslim rebel group in the country, to prevent the members of the BIFF from entering their communities.
And Biff (real name Peter), 63, has no plans to stop any time soon after revealing that he was writing songs for a new album to be released next year.
I remember sitting on the bow of his skiff 2s years ago, as Biff poled his favorite waters, pointing out subtle fisherman's cues like exposed mangrove roots, minute current rips, the smell of low tide.
Biff at 17 had the potential of an "Adonis" (33); in his full golden boy high school football uniform, Biff was "like a young god.
There's only room for one song in this jungle and that's Biff Baff Boff.
But as Paul looked on in horror, six-year-old Biff lost his footing and plummeted over the edge.
1 -- color) Biff Baker is cheered on by Del Sur School students as he departs on a bike ride to raise money for the school.
Zeke came out, took one look at Biffs deer and said, "My goodness gracious sakes alive (or words to that effect), Biff, you shot my buck