BIFSBinary Format for Scenes
BIFSBuilt-in Functions (Arithmetic)
BIFSBiologically Integrated Farming Systems (est. 1988; University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program)
BIFSBiotechnology Information for Food Safety
BIFSBlakely Island Field Station (Seattle, WA)
BIFSBackoff Inter-Frame Space
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Achievo's business model and strong track record ensures that BIFS clients will have cutting edge technology and program management cost effectiveness," said Dastvar.
A typical BIFS screening would average more than 30 viewers, but the attendance for a documentary about Norwegian black metal music called Until The Light Takes Us pulled in 200 punters.
Allergan is highly committed to the rapid and successful enrollment of patients in the BIFS program, which will be voluntary for Allergan Silicone Certified Physicians and their patients to facilitate long-term compliance in the study.
It is apparent that Market Makers took unfair advantage of the rules used by the NASD, which are not only inconsistent with the rules this agency imposes to govern the trading of stocks traded on the NYSE and National Nasdaq, but that these inconsistencies, actually created a situation that promoted harmful and damaging activities by Market Makers toward BIFS Technologies and its investors.
The venture was undertaken as part of BIFS and Vendorlynx's multiyear plan to distribute and deploy a variety of advanced telecommunications services to highly disenfranchised geographic regions of the United States and abroad to facilitate offset obligations that Aerospace companies have with these countries.
BIFS Technologies Chairman, Al Keyser, commented on the development by stating: "This arrangement with Triton Global Communications and the resulting business partnership is seen as a unique opportunity for our companies, as well as for Triton, to expand our collective reach into new markets and to foster extended business relationships in these areas.
The Envivio software enhanced SMP8634 supports multi-element MPEG-4 BIFS (Binary Format for Scenes) decoding which addresses the shortcomings of proprietary client applications or HTML middleware solutions.
BIFS Technologies Corporation (OTCBB:BIFT) today announced that it has entered into a contract with WSRE-DT, Channel 31, a PBS affiliate, in Pensacola, Florida.
It's Envivio's use of MPEG-4 BIFS technology that makes this possible.
BIFS Technologies Corporation (OTCBB:BIFT) today announced that it recently entered into a contract with MIG Broadcast Group, Inc.
eCom eCom's first wireless application software is being developed for BIFS Technologies Corporation (SYMBOL: BIFS).
OTC Bulletin Board: ECEC), today announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with BIFS Technologies Corporation, (Symbol: BIFS), and that the two companies will be exploring the potential that exists for future collaboration involving high speed broadband wireless technologies and data transmission methods.