BIFUBanking, Insurance and Finance Union (United Kingdom)
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Banking union BIFU said the Royal's move was "miserly" and "despicable".
A spokesman from banking union BIFU told Slicker: "This man was running the bank when it lost pounds 250 million in Russia and was caught up in the US hedge fund debacle costing it another pounds 300 million.
It is sad that BIFU should raise such an issue at a time when the bank have just announced they are paying each of their staff a bonus of more than a month's salary, in addition to a substantial Christmas bonus.
John Bankcroft, of banking union BIFU, said: "The Royal is acting like Scrooge.
A spokesman for banking union BIFU added: "It's good news that the Royal Bank is making such profits.
The banking union BIFU yesterday threw its weight behind the Royal Bank's bid on the grounds it was the safest for Midshires jobs.
Richard Lynch, of the BIFU banking union, hit out: "How come they can spend all this money killing off the Midland name when 40 per cent of staff didn't get a pay rise last year?
Heather Tilston of the finance union BIFU said: "The Government should legislate to send a clear message to firms it will not be tolerated.
Birmingham Midshires would be sucked in, chewed up and spat out," said BIFU spokesman Mr Noel Howard.
John Robinson, head of research at finance union BIFU, says: "We would take it with a pinch of salt.
And Jennifer Cole, of finance union BIFU, said: "We will fight any forced redundancies.
Edwina Hart (Labour) Born in 1956, Ms Hart worked in the banking industry and rose to become president of the banking union BIFU as well as serving on the Broadcasting Council for Wales, the board of the Millennium Centre and the South Wales West Economic Forum.