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BIG MACThe Mackinaw Bridge (bridge between the Michigan Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula)
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The classic Big Mac was first created in February 1968 by an American McDonald's franchisee named Jim Delligatti in Pennsylvania, USA.
And the BBQ burger contains 44 grams of fat - compared to 25 grams in a Big Mac.
While the Grand Big Mac was only ever going to be available for a limited time (until March 20), its popularity has proved to be its own downfall.
That's the impossible - it's not the impossible - Big Mac Challenge.
com/content/big-mac-index/) Big Mac index , a measurement created by the Economist magazine to determine if the official international monetary exchange rates line up with the price charged for a specific product-in this case, a Big Mac.
Each Big Mac patty is seasoned to perfection with salt and pepper in McDonald's kitchens.
Hundreds of enthusiastic participants have logged into MacDonald's website to showcase their personal and unique style in featuring the Big Mac Walk, hopefully aspiring to win the most exciting football adventure.
A whopping 50 percent of all drinks - including three so-called 'healthy' smoothies - contained about 500 calories, more than a Big Mac.
Kelly told the ECHO: "I'd been shopping with my sister and we'd got absolutely soaked so we went to McDonald's to get a Big Mac.
Here with the Big Mac sauce it's contrasting flavours," the New York Daily News quoted Coudreaut as saying.
As the graph showing comparisons from 2007 and 2012 shows, the comparative price of a Big Mac has risen at a fairly similar rate in most countries over the past five years, except for the UK--which has seen a comparative drop in price against the others.