BIG-EUBACnet (Building Automation and Control Networking) Interest Group-Europe (Germany)
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BIG-EU and the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI, Association of German Engineers) have for some time sponsored two-day BACnet classes conducted by VDI's Hans R.
Under the supervision of BIG-EU, MarDirect is disseminating BACnet knowledge further than ever through its BACnet Academy (www.
One of the last topics covered in the BACnet Academy is a unique contribution by BIG-EU to the BACnet world: the systematic method of planning, commissioning and documenting BACnet systems called the "BACnet-Project Address Table" or B-PAT (www.
BIG-EU provides a manual for properly using the B-PAT file called the "B-PAT Description.
In addition, several years ago BIG-EU published an aid to consultants specifying BACnet's alarm systems, in the form of a white paper on BACnet's two systems of detecting and issuing alarms.
One additional aid published by BIG-EU is for manufacturers of BACnet devices.
Originally published in 2006, this guide is being updated to reflect procedural changes resulting from the convergence of the BIG-EU and BI testing labs towards identical testing with unified listing and certification, and will be necessary as additional BACnet testing labs open around the world.
The North American group advanced in new test drafting and deployment while BIG-EU honed in on automated test execution with automatic certification-level H documentation, but both were effectively working from the same scripts.
BIG-EU has teamed with the VDI Wissenforum ("knowledge forum," by the Association of German Engineers) to conduct regular two-day BACnet training sessions.
It was formed as a "shadow group" of the BACnet committee for discussing technical issues of BACnet particular to, or encountered by, the European market and BIG-EU member companies as well as general technical input.
A primary focus of BIG-EU, one heard in WG-T, WG-M and executive board meetings these days is the issue of testing BACnet devices.
An attempt to use the BTL's tools proved to be too expensive, so BIG-EU contracted for the development of a fully automated tool, one that could use the tests used by the BTL.