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BIGOTBougainville, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Okinawa, Tarawa (US Marine Corps; WWII campaigns)
BIGOT[not an acronym] Top Secret (WWII code word)
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Del periodo de madurez entre 1638 y 1642, un denso y a la vez sutil claroscuro en la obra hoy mexicana, representa uno de los mas bellos lienzos de Bigot y ejempio unico en America Latina.
Our British friends would like to put Hezbollah's military wing on the terror list," said Bigot, adding that the "main element is what is the outcome of the inquiry in Bulgaria," he said in a telephone interview with the Post.
And it is sad to have to see the anti-gay religious bigots listed in Bob Minor's column (Minor Details).
Reasoned opinions" deemed "thoughtful and sincere" is about as far from "you're a bigot if you disagree" as one can get.
Sociologist Robert Merton theorizes that, despite the fact that many people think they are totally unbiased and everyone else is a raving bigot, people fall into four categories: "all-weather liberals," "reluctant liberals," "timid bigots" and "all-weather bigots.
That does not, therefore, make him a bigot, let alone someone of the same mold as those who once fed gay persons to dogs or burned them at the stake.
A "pedant, bigot and brute," though eventually useful to the cause of liberty.
The bigot, as law enforcement personnel should understand, is in a profoundly consequential way a moral failure.
A PRO-UNION campaigner has denied she's a racist bigot - just days after sharing a podium with Better Together boss Alistair Darling.
A bigot is defined as someone who is intolerant of a belief or opinion.