BIGRABritish Isles Genealogical Research Association (San Diego, CA)
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Bigras is just missing the start of something special at SSS.
Once installed, our software can't be duplicated to run on any other PC," Bigras says.
It is mathematically impossible for unauthorized users to access protected material because they don't have the information and codes to view the encrypted matter," Bigras says.
Our engine doesn't require that information to be stored; that way if a hacker gets in and is looking for user names and passwords he won't find them because to the server they don't exist," Bigras says.
You need financing to build the kind of manufacturing plant I'm looking at, and right now I spend a lot of my time working with local government and other supporters to try and raise that financing," Bigras says.
Bigras is also a founding member of the French River Resource Protection and Management Committee, which was formed after the mill was destroyed.
Through community partnerships and in conjunction with government agencies, the comittee has been asked by the Ministry of Natural Resources to come up with a plan detailing how timber allotments from the Sudbury District would be allocated to four mills in the French River area, Bigras says.
The plan is to ensure our local mills (the four mills are located in Alban, Noelville, Monetville and Hagar) will process all the timber produced from the Sudbury District," Bigras says.
By next summer, Bigras is confident French River Forest Products will have dozens of contracts with wholesalers interested in purchasing dozens of grades of rough and dressed lumber for a large variety of uses.