BIIRBaylor Institute for Immunology Research (Dallas, Texas)
BIIRBeneficial Insects Introduction Research (USDA; Newark, DE)
BIIRBasic Imagery Interpretation Report
BIIRBrominated Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber
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Abzena's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Matthew Baker, commented, This project further extends our relationship with BIIR in developing a range of therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of diseases such as HIV.
Figure 12 shows that the longitudinal tensile strength of the inner liner made of the resin/rubber composite is more than three times higher than that of the BIIR inner liner.
The current project represents another milestone in the relationship between Antitope and BIIR, initiated several years ago when Antitope applied its Composite Human Antibody technology to humanize several novel BIIR antibodies.
3] is a convenient means of delivering ammonia as a BIIR curative, with low-temperature scorch protection resulting from low kinetic reactivity as opposed to latent nucleophile stability.
To date, most studies at BIIR have focused on the ex vivo generation and antigen loading of dendritic cells (Figure 2).
He will take the research excellence that has been the hallmark of BIIR since 1996 - under the prior leadership of Dr.
Pascual: I am most proud by far of what I have done since I joined BIIR 10 years ago.
We are trying very hard, and it definitely takes a lot of resources from Baylor and its philanthropists; it takes a lot of resources from the NIH, but it takes a lot of resources from the BIIR scientists as well.
DALLAS, June 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Even in an economy that's proved devastating to charitable giving and government grants, the Baylor Institute of Immunology Research (BIIR), a component of Baylor Research Institute (BRI), has managed to buck the trend: BIIR received grants totaling nearly $35 million in 2009.
17 Table 5--comparison of bromobutyl 2255 truck tire innerliner compound with a nanocomposite innerliner Compound 10 11 BIIR 2255 100.
He also has studied antibody-producing B lymphocytes, research he continues to pursue vigorously at BIIR.
Innerliners with 100 phr BIIR and 80/20 and 60/40 blends of BIIR/NR were studied in the laboratory and in radial passenger tires.