BIIRBaylor Institute for Immunology Research (Dallas, Texas)
BIIRBeneficial Insects Introduction Research (USDA; Newark, DE)
BIIRBasic Imagery Interpretation Report
BIIRBrominated Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber
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japonicus are being spearheaded at the national level by USDA ARS BIIR in Newark, Deleware, with coordinated participation from other states (e.
Abzena's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Matthew Baker, commented, This project further extends our relationship with BIIR in developing a range of therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of diseases such as HIV.
Figure 12 shows that the longitudinal tensile strength of the inner liner made of the resin/rubber composite is more than three times higher than that of the BIIR inner liner.
Obviously, halogenation has a large effect on the compatibility of BIIR with carbon black.
The current project represents another milestone in the relationship between Antitope and BIIR, initiated several years ago when Antitope applied its Composite Human Antibody technology to humanize several novel BIIR antibodies.
3] is a convenient means of delivering ammonia as a BIIR curative, with low-temperature scorch protection resulting from low kinetic reactivity as opposed to latent nucleophile stability.
Tire inflation pressure retention (IPR), intracarcass pressure (ICP) and durability testing were determined in duplicate for identical tire sets made with the three different innerliner formulations: 100 phr BIIR, 80/20 BIIR/NR and 60/40 BIIR/NR innerliner with all other compounding ingredients identical (table 2).
Rausa, "Reinforcement of BIIR with silica," Rubber World 226, 37 (2002).
In the case of BIIR, the oligosulfido moiety present in TESPT reacts quite readily with the allylic bromides of BIIR (figure 2).
Successfully processed polymers include EPM, IR, CIIR, BR, CR, E SBR, SBS, EPDM, IIR, BIIR, IM, NBR, S SBR and SIS.
2) that good reinforcement of a butyl vulcanizate has been achieved through the interaction of BIIR, silica and a silane coupling agent (figure 3).
47) BIIR green strength enhancement by propylene elastomers.