BIISBreast Implant Information Society (UK)
BIISBalanced International Investment Strategies (Netherlands Antilles)
BIISBusiness Integrated Information Systems
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BIIS, the infrastructure and development banking unit of Italy's Intesa Sanpaolo (ISE: ISP) (ISP.
4-6 in Munich, Sellers and AI Past President Terry Dunkin, MAI, SRA, were on hand for the automatic agreement renewals with HypZert, Germany's leading certification body for real estate valuers, and BIIS, the Federation of Real Estate Investment Experts, a German professional association for valuers of commercial real estate investment portfolios.
Maxine Heasman, who founded the BIIS, also believes that women should be as well informed as possible before a breast operation.
Maxine started the BIIS after having breast implants in 1996.
When the CEO and cofounder of BIIS Solutions, Andres Hernandez, initially met with clients back in 2005, there was a mutual understanding that simply having an attractive product and website was not enough.
It is important not to panic and rush into anything" says Maxine Heasman of the BIIS, who has silicone implants herself.
Kevin O'Brien, services managing director of the BIIS, warned that, with building costs for the average Dublin home jumping by 25 per cent in the last two years, some home insurance policies are now undervalued.
Maxine has also written a guide to breast implants which is available from the BIIS price pounds 25 plus pounds 2.