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BIJABoulder Improv Jam Association (Colorado; dancing)
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Prior to BIJA, he worked at Knight Capital Group serving as its Managing Director, Head of Research and Global Financials/Sovereign Analyst covering sovereigns and global financials, developing trade ideas and portfolio recommendations in cash and CDS markets.
James Bija of Aberavon is tackled by Rhys Shellard and Lewis K Williams of Pontypridd during yesterday's Sawlec Cup semi-final
Cameron previously was vice president of operations with BIJA Inc.
Flora Health, Baltimore, MD, has expanded its Bija line to include the following functional tea flavors: Deep Defense, which contains a blend of astragalus, cranberry, rooibos, peppermint and three types of echinacea; Pure Peppermint; Holy Basil, which contains a proprietary blend of Indian herbs, including krishna, vana, rama and rooibos; and Soothing Chamomile.
Recent studies show eating chocolate offers numerous health benefits, but Bija Omega Truffles have come up with an even better reason--each package offers a full serving of omega fatty acids.
announces the Launch of Bija Healing Teas to the American Market.
The invocation part of the daily ritual mainly consists of dhyana (mental concentration on the deity's gross, outer form) and nyasa (invocation of the deity into one's own body) with the deity's dhvani or bija mantra, the 'seed syllable', which induces the subtle form of the deity.
Today, the Daily Record talks to Bija, an Afghan student who fled the Taliban
lucy has joined forces with clothing manufacturer Bija to design several bamboo fabric pieces, including a tank, hoodie and tee.
30 (SUNA) - The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Deputy Chairman of the National Congress for Party Affairs, Engineer, Ibrahim Mahmoud met, Thursday, at his office, at the Republican Palace, the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Chairman of Bija Congress Party, Musa Mohammed Ahmed .
trading rights, try by: Sohrab Aminian, (BITA), 4th printing, Bija,