BILPBiblioteka Instytutu Literatury Polskiej (Polish: Polish Library Literary Institute)
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Linear LP as a variant of LP may present as Koebner phenomenon, isolated linear lesions, lichenoid epidermal nevus, segmental LP, zosteriform LP, and BILP.
BILP must be differentiated from the other variants of LLP, epidermal nevi, lichen striatus, linear psoriasis, inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus (ILVEN), drug reaction and linear Darier disease based on histopathological findings and clinical manifestations, including lichenoid skin lesions, specific linearity distribution and had not intake any medications.
There are several case reports of BILP with different ages that had moderate to severe pruritus with lesions mostly located on trunk, and occasional buccal mucosa involvement but intact nails and scalp.
Happle12 believes that many of cases reported as zosteriform LP do not have dermatomal distribution and they are indeed BILP.