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BILUB-Cell Immunodeficiency, Distal Limb Anomalies, and Urogenital Malformations
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Yoram Bilu, The Saints' Impresarios: Dreamers, Healers and Holy Men in Israel's Urban Periphery (Translated by Haim Watzman).
Bilu speculates that his extraordinary career may have been caused by his yearning for his father, who died young, and close attachment to his mother; unable to free himself from the memory of either parent, he compensates for this loss by becoming a healer and unlike most people who avoided demons at all cost, Wazana raised demons from the depths of the earth, something he could never do with his deceased parents.
Bilu expects to distribute, tomorrow, November 21, 2000, a Supplement to its Offer to Purchase to all the Home Centers' shareholders.
Stein was an ardent Zionist and a member of the Lovers of Zion and BILU - two popular movements founded in Russia in 1881 that heralded the advent of Zionism as a mass movement with a call for "a return to Zion.
Bilu and its affiliates already own approximately 88.
Shalgi is an active participate of the business community and in addition to Bilu, is Chairman of the Board of Malibu Israel Ltd.
Sikh Union 2nds destroyed Rugeley 9-1 with goals from Gus Bansal (3), Gin Bansal (2), Shind Bachu (2) and skipper Bilu Djanjal while the 3rds pipped Atherstone 2-1.
Nasdaq: HOMEF) and its principal shareholder, Bilu Enterprises (H.
If the proposed purchase of 120,000 shares is completed, Bilu through its MBM subsidiary will own approximately 52 percent of Home Centers.
Home Centers") (NASDAQ: HOMEF), Israel's leading chain of warehouse-type home improvement centers, today announced that its two principal shareholders, Bilu Enterprises (H.
NASDAQ: HOMEF) ("Home Centers") to Bilu Enterprises (H.