BIMEBacterial Interspersed Mosaic Element (genetics)
BIMEBrussels Institute for Management of the Environment (now Brussels Environment; Belgium)
BIMEBotswana International Model Expo (contest)
BIMEBenign Infantile Myoclonic Epilepsy
BIMEDepartment of Bio-Industrial Machinery Engineering (Pusan National University; South Korea)
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Award winning BIME powers the first pure cloud BI service for the age of Big Data.
BIME CHINA, the award-winning cloud BI platform, is now fully integrated into China Mobile's Big Cloud Platform to provide SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business intelligence solutions to Chinese enterprises and government agencies.
BiMes 246; Wallenfels 11994: 4361 suggests these may be duplicate documents).
Games were being recorded and later analysed by former players and ATP supervisors, and Bimes added that players were completely banned from betting at the venue.
Speaking to Middle East Architect, general manager BIMES ME, Daniel Pinheiro, said: "I reckon the figure is around 10%, and that's being optimistic.
Wilhelm, "Die Inschrift des Tisatal von Urkes," BiMes 26 (1998): 119-20, 136-37).
We are grateful to Terri Bimes and Mary Stuckey for their recommendations in tailoring our sample of speeches.
Assessing the overall content of Adams's replies, Terri Bimes concludes that "these addresses made explicit policy and partisan claims" (2007, 250).
most often voting for Republican presidential candidates and Democratic congressional candidates), to the transformation from a Democratic stronghold to an increasingly loyal Republican base in recent years (Burden and Kimball 2002; Frymer, Kim, and Bimes 1997; Wattenberg 2002).
Moreover, whereas Tulis portrayed the nineteenth-century presidency as embodying the framers' constitutional vision, recent research has accentuated the ways in which the nineteenth-century presidency departed from that original vision by making the presidency "a seat of popular leadership" (Korzi 2004; also see Ellis 1998a; Bimes 1999; Laracey 2002; and Hoffman 2002).
Terri Bimes makes the point that Reagan engaged in populist rhetoric that expanded his public support well beyond his conservative base.
This study does not attempt to supplant scholarly interpretations of the traditional versus the modern presidencies (Greenstein 2000; Bimes and Skowronek 1998) or presidential development of policy and agenda (Hill 1998; Cohen 1995; Ragsdale 1987; Brace and Hinckley 1991; Parry-Giles and Parry-Giles 2001).