BIOAgBiologically Intensive Agriculture and Organic Farming (Washington State University; Pullman, WA)
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Groundwork BioAg develops, produces and commercializes highly-effective mycorrhizal inoculants for mainstream agriculture.
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Midwestern BioAg will use the additional capital to strengthen its organic growth, grow strategically through partnerships with large land owners and food processors and to make targeted acquisitions to integrate the supply chain and develop new products.
The BioAg Alliance is unique in the industry, bringing together Novozymes' commercial BioAg operations and capabilities within microbial discovery, development and production with Monsanto's microbial discovery, advanced biology, field testing and commercial capabilities.
An investment group led by Proteus Environmental Technologies and Grower's Secret acquires controlling interest in Midwestern BioAg (MBA), Blue Mound, WI, with a plan for infusing $20 million in growth capital to execute national and global expansion of its biological crop production product line.
GSI) and managed by Proteus Environmental Technologies, LLC (Proteus) has acquired a controlling interest Midwestern BioAg with plans for infusing up to $20 million in growth capital into the business to execute on the first stage of a national and global expansion.
Canada) II-23 Micromix Plant Health Limited (UK) II-23 Novozymes BioAg, (Denmark) II-24 Omex Agrifluids Ltd.
A leader in biological agriculture with a 30 year history, Midwestern BioAg has developed a base of over 3,500 farmer customers throughout the Midwest, providing a comprehensive mix of products and services that allow farmers to gain the full range of benefits of biological farming.
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Within the app is a new product showcase featuring these GOLD Sponsors and their product: Jamesway Farm Equipment's PUMPELLER Hybrid Lagoon Pump, which is much more efficient to agitate tough lagoons; Novozymes Bioag Ratchet, a foliar applied LCO Promoter Technology that enhances plant growth and photosynthesis; and Ziegler Ag Equipment, showcasing the new Caterpillar MT700D Series tractor, a machine that lowers soil compaction and moves easily through mud.
He serves as a member of the Board of various not-for-profit organizations including Bay Area Science Infrastructure Consortium (BASIC), The Kellogg Center for Biotechnology, the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation, the National Health Museum, BioAg Gateway - City of Madison, University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, and the Scientific American Board of Advisors.