BIOCARDBiomarkers for Older Controls At Risk for Dementia (NIMH's Alzheimer study)
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Even Rush Limbaugh talked yesterday about how our biocards could get the job done.
OTCBB:GWLK), began research and product development of a wireless, self-enrolling biometric card in 2001 and launched the Factor4 and IronGate on-card self-enrolling biocards in 2005.
In important markets such as Australia, where protecting individual privacy is a paramount concern, we expect Digital Defense Group's series of biocards will be favorably received by both the public and private sector.
Digital Defense and Bio Digital Security see enormous potential for Factor4 and IronGate biocards to service these and other government identity management requirements and expect Digital Defense Group's biocards to revolutionize identity management.
Factor4 and IronGate biocards perform a one to one authentication on-card and wirelessly transmit an encrypted authentication certificate 10 centimeters and 10 meters respectively.
Factor4 and IronGate biocards can hold numerous digital certificates of authentication for access and financial transaction requirements, as well as secure documents and digital images.
Both biocards feature a unique self-enrollment process enabling the user's unique biometric signature to be stored directly on the biocard itself, eliminating the need for a centralized database or extra external hardware or software during enrollment and authentication, and simplifying identity management.
Both biocards have an optional 1GB on-card memory upgrade and process at 400MHz.
Both the Factor4 and IronGate biocards are designed to provide top-level security for all types of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies to financial institutions and health care facilities," Campisi said.