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BIODATABiographic Data
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In addition, biodata have been shown by others to have a predictive capability relative to absenteeism, future performance, delinquency and substance abuse of a future employee.
8220;We learned about easyBiodata when a candidate sent us a beautiful Biodata from the website.
Brief biodata on the authors, focused on connections with T&I (Translation and Interpreting)
The volume is a collaborative effort by members of the Panel on Collecting, Storing, Accessing and Protecting Biological Specimens and Biodata in Social Surveys, a group that includes academics from medical, legal and sociological backgrounds.
The gages were attached to a multiplexed data acquisition system (Microlink 770, Biodata Ltd.
A landmark article written by Barrick and Zimmerman (2005) (5) identified a number of assessment variables that can be used for predicting employee turnover, including biodata, attitudes, behavioral intentions and dispositions.
A casual model of the relationship among accidents, biodata, personality, and cognitive factors.
UK Border Agency officers found that the visa details had been altered, a new image substituted, and that the passport contained a counterfeit biodata page.
Results support the use of a biodata inventory as a cost-effective means for small businesses to develop and retain competitive advantage relative to their larger rivals.
I want to move away from power situations where one person decides if the other is lying based on their biodata," says Nold, "and instead create visualizations that allow the subject to interpret their own data for themselves.
The job interview is still the most widely used recruitment tool, in spite of the increasing interest in other techniques such as the use of biodata, graphology, personality tests or assessment centres.
Abrevity's BioData Manager software accomplished the tasks in a matter of minutes by finding the files, extracting the data, classifying the files and automatically creating the FDA report.