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BIOMBiomira Inc. (stock symbol)
BIOMBinocular Indirect OphthalmoMicroscope (wide angle viewing system)
BIOMBiometrisches Merkmal (biometrics)
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FENCE had its greatest effect on DIST while its effect on BIOM was indirect.
It is organized by the Karakol Media Resource Centre Dom Jurnalista and taught by an expert from the environmental group BIOM.
The goal of the seminar is to expand and strengthen the network "Schools and universities of Kyrgyzstan for preservation of biodiversity and sustainable development" set up by BIOM in 2002.
Tenders are invited for Construction of KV School including Electrification Works at BIOM Kirandul Complex.
Tyre Dismantling Machines (for mounting & demounting) required for NMDC Ltd, BIOM, Kirandul Complex and Bacheli Complex of Dantewada (Dist), Chhattisgarh (State)- India @ 01 no.