BIOMANBIOdiversity and huMAN impact in shallow lakes
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The BIOMAN project will provide us with a comprehensive means of planning our resources and staff better," said Klaus Affholderbach, deputy COO of skyguide.
Completing the BIOMAN project is a significant milestone in our partnership with skyguide," said Arjen Heeres, COO of Quintiq.
An international team of scientists led by Bill Perkins at Aberystwyth university's Institute of Geography and Earth Science, has been working on the Bioman.
Project leader Dr Bill Perkins uses the Bioman to test water at the Bwlch mine near Aberystwyth; Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
As Bioman already had an extensive distribution network in place in Europe, the new DIAGNOSTIX management team has been evaluating the overall marketing/distribution approach with the combined product line of EDITEK and the former Bioman.
With the acquisition of both Bioman and MEDTOX, EDITEK is a dramatically different company from what it was even one year ago.
subsidiary as exemplified by the recent acquisition of Bioman Products, Inc.
included in the 1994 results, but including Bioman revenues for June