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BIONBelieve It or Not
BIONBionic Neuron
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Bion is in a unique position to offer solutions to the problems on two fronts: substantial reduction of air emissions and waste runoff from livestock facilities, as well as production of organic alternatives to water-soluble chemical fertilizers.
We look forward to an ongoing relationship that provides substantial economic benefits to both Fair Oaks and Bion.
Bion can achieve these reductions at Kreider Farms (and potential future operations) at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions that remove nitrogen at downstream 'point sources' such as municipal waste water treatment plants, power plants and other industrial facilities, and the treatment of storm water runoff.
David Mitchell stated, "We are very pleased to have completed this transaction as we feel that Bion has enormous potential.
Details of these transactions (including an updated capital structure of the Company) will be available in a Form 8-K which Bion anticipates filing within the next two weeks.
Further research and development will be focused on the system acceleration of the current Bion NMS(TM) system to increase capacity and lower costs as well as integrating the Bion NMS(TM) with a methane digestion system, in order to create additional revenue streams from the sale of electricity and natural gas.
This WQMP application submittal was comprised of data collected over the period from September 27, 2011 through February 26, 2012, which comprises much the same data cited by Bion in its December 19, 2011 press release (http://biontech.
Wright-Pierce, experts in the beneficial reuse of organic wastes, combined Bion's technology with equipment to dry the BionSoil produced by the Bion NMS to form a comprehensive system for swine manure management.
The overall result will be a more productive, efficient and cost effective Bion micro-aerobic livestock waste treatment technology platform.
Bion designs and operates biologically based treatment systems that eliminate the negative effects (air, water and soil pollution) associated with waste produced on CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations).
3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc.
His agriculture, rural development and conservation experience will be a tremendous asset to Bion as we move forward.