BioSigbiomedical signal processing (open source software library)
BioSigBiometric Signature
BIOSIGBiometrics and Electronic Signatures (working group)
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as Amici Curiae in Support of Respondent at 27-28, Biosig Instruments, Inc.
Arguing on behalf of Biosig will be Proskauer Appellate Group co-head Mark Harris (New York).
Summary: Biosig basically has won a victory in the Nautilus v.
Because of their dispute, Biosig brought a patent infringement action against Nautilus.
Biosig, the Supreme Court set a new and stronger standard for the degree of ambiguity that is acceptable in a valid claim.
Biosig Instruments case illustrates tension between Supreme Court, Federal Circuit New study calls for Cyunlocking' of patent licensing in the U.
Biosig Patent troll ordered to pay FindtheBest's attorney's fees after failed patent litigation case Patents, trademarks top of mind for IP counsel in medical technology space
Biosig Instruments case, the high court rejected the Federal Circuit's definiteness standard and came up with a standard of "reasonable certainty.
Biosig has been anticipated as one that could be a mover for a few industries -- the software industry in particular -- and for its potential to have an impact on the future of "patent indefiniteness" in general across all patent infringement cases.
Biosig Instruments, the Court struck down the Federal Circuit's test for patent indefiniteness in favor of a flexible determination of whether the patent's claims informs those skilled in the art about the scope of the invention with reasonable certainty.
Biosig could greatly impact the software industry, and is best known for its potential to impact on the future of patent .