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BIOSISBiosciences Information Service
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For subsequent questions, we confined analyses to BIOSIS (see Results).
A sample search used to simultaneously search BIOSIS Previews, Web of Science, and Zoological Record appears in Table 2.
From the BIOSIS viewpoint, there are two important goals in employing taxonomies.
These indexes/databases include AGRICOLA, BIOSIS, Chemical Abstracts, Fish and Fisheries Worldwide and Wildlife Worldwide.
A systematic review of ten databases including MEDLINE, MBASE, CAplus and BIOSIS was undertaken by two reviewers searching for clinical trials that studied recurrent respiratory infections and complications on treatment with echinacea in a generally healthy population.
The first release of ProQuest Dialog features subscription-based access to databases from publishers, including Embase, BIOSIS Previews, MEDLINE, SciSearch, and IMS R&D Focus.
Dialog announced that it has enhanced the BIOSIS Previews database available through its Dialog and Dialog DataStar online services.
Founded in 1926, BIOSIS is a nonprofit organization that offers databases and customized information products for the global life sciences community, including teachers, librarians, researchers, competitive intelligence professionals, legal experts, government officials and venture firms.
Direct links to full bibliographies, lists of citing articles and even a "find more like this" feature (called Related Records, formerly only available in Web of Science) are now available within hosted databases such as BIOSIS Previews and INSPEC.
8 million records of archived research data from 1926 to 1968 to its BIOSIS Previews database.
John Doyle, COO and CFO of BIOSIS in Philadelphia, is the new board-appointed public-at-large trustee.
Comparing Cambridge Scientific Abstracts with BIOSIS