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BIOTABlame It on the Altitude (Colorado bottled water brand)
BIOTABlame It on the Alcohol
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The fossils from the Jehol Biota lay above the older specimen, according to David Hone, a dinosaur biologist at Queen Mary University of London.
On the implementation of the merger, and assuming that Nabi has not conducted a share consolidation, Biota shareholders will receive 0.
Mathematical models are developed for radionuclide distribution and evaluation of biota exposure regularities in freshwater ecosystems.
Tinkle Research Excellence Award--Presented to an individual who, in the past 10 years, has made a significant contribution to knowledge and understanding of the biota ofthe southwestern United States, Mexico, and Central America through scientific articles and books.
There are potentially half a dozen people who are interested, but there are two or three seriously interested companies," Biota Managing Director Peter Cook told Reuters in an interview.
Biota is an antiviral drug development company based in Melbourne, with expertise in respiratory diseases, particularly influenza.
We remain very confident about the strength of our case," said Biota Chairman, John Grant.
The city resolution opposed the project, calling it ``incompatible'' with a growing urban community at its doorstep, as it will create ``significant, cumulative, immitigable impacts to air quality, biota aestheics and water quality.
It also covers methods of toxicity minimization in fields such as medicine and pharmacology, and the mobility, persistence and toxicity of nano-structured materials and their breakdown products in humans, animals, the environment and within biota.
Two companies have worked with Cargill Dow (now known as NatureWorks) to develop the first commercially available PLA bottles: Biota (Ouray, Colo.
It's even better than recycling: A new water bottle from BIOTA Brands of America is the world's first compostable bottle made from processing cornstarch into a plastic polymer.
Human colonic biota studied by ribosomal DNA sequence analysis.