BIOZBezpieczenstwa I Ochrony Zdrowia (Polish: Information and Plan for Health and Safety)
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Mother Teresa Kierocinskiej to provide collision-free input / output to / from object - the construction of the ramp meets the requirements for disabled people;4) development of project documentation; construction projects necessary spacers underground equipment;5) a draft of traffic for the duration of the works;6) draft a permanent organization of traffic;7) bills of quantities;8) The detailed technical specifications for performance and acceptance of works;9) The investment estimate;10) BIOZ plan;11) performing author~s supervision for the duration of the works.
WZ and ZT and ULICP, multi-discipline construction project execution and project executive - to the extent necessary for the preparation of bill of quantities, cost estimation, preparation of bids by contractors and the execution of the work of the contract, przedmiarEw execution of works, cost estimation and technical specifications for execution and acceptance of works , an analysis of the hydraulic site integration and analysis of supply aqueduct, BIOZ plan, execute and obtaining permits operators~ water law - if required, the execution of the concept of the network preparation of environmental impact assessment.
Object of the contract include a) surveying - The allocation of plots - 33 plots,- Mapping for design purposes;b) design work - Construction project (separate industry bridge and road) and obtaining a decision on whether to allow the implementation of road investment,- Detailed design (a separate branch of a bridge and road),- Traffic organization project - target- Traffic organization project - for the duration of construction,- Plan for health and safety BIOZ,- Detailed technical specifications for performance and acceptance of works,- Some estimates (investment estimate, cost estimate, bill of quantities, the unit price calculation)- Environmental impact report,- Operaty water law,- Inspection of soil wells (23 pcs.