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BIPBiuletyn Informacji Publicznej (Poland)
BiPBinding Protein
BIPBehavior Intervention Plan
BIPBasic Imaging Profile
BIPBit-Interleaved Parity (Check)
BIPBand Interleaved by Pixel
BIPImmunoglobulin Heavy Chain-Binding Protein
BIPball in play (various sports)
BIPBatterers Intervention Program
BIPBinary Integer Programming (mathematics)
BIPBearer Independent Protocol
BIPBinary Input
BIPBroadcast Incremental Power
BIPBasler IP Camera
BIPBlow In Place (Army)
BIPBrigade d'Intervention Poétique (French: Poetic Intervention Brigade)
BIPBatamindo Industrial Park
BIPBiologie Intégrative et Physiologie (French: Integrative Biology and Physiology)
BIPBulletin de l'Industrie Pétrolière (French: Oil Industry Newsletter)
BIP2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (also seen as 2010 BIP or 2010BIP)
BIPBotswana Independence Party
BIPBlood Is Power (gaming, Guild Wars)
BIPBasic Interface for Parallelism
BIPBonneau International Poney (French pony show)
BIPBanana Improvement Project
BIPBelgians in Paris (cultural association; Paris, France)
BIPBananas in Pajamas (TV show)
BIPBlack Iron Pipe
BIPBulletin d'Informations Proustiennes (French: Proustian News Bulletin)
BIPBinary Image Processor
BIPBroker Identity Program (Canada)
BIPBattlefield Interoperability Program
BIPBicyclette Perpignan (French cycling program)
BIPBinary Interaction Parameter
BIPBackground Information Package
BIPBorder Interconnection Percentage (telecommunications)
BIPBilling Interconnection Percentage
BIPBusiness Intelligence Pipeline (newsletter)
BIPBudget Increment Package
BIPBasic Interoperability Protocol
BIPBattlefield Imaging Projectile
BIPBulletins d'Informations de Pharmacologie (French: Pharmacology News Bulletin)
BIPBandwidth Isolation Property
BIPBounded Intensity Process
BIPBase Information Protect/Protection
BIPBenjamin International Production (French music production company)
BIPBlocking Island Paradigm (Zhemin/Hamdi)
BIPBuddy Instructor Pilot
BIPBusiness Insider Program
BIPBeam-Image Profiling
BIPBoat Inflation Point
BIPBoth Arrays Fed In-Phase (antennas)
BIPButler Immersion Programme (England)
BIPBrief In Progress
BIPBuilt In Place (Sprint)
BIPBusiness Improvement Process
BIPBreaker Interface Panel
BIPBreaker Interface Panel (Nortel)
BIPBlow In Place (EOD Term)
BIPBooks In Print
BIPBrandes Investment Partners (San Diego, CA)
BIPBreak in Process
BIPBruttoinlandsprodukt (German: Gross Domestic Product)
BIPBreaking Into Print (writing course)
BIPBuilding Incentive Program
BIPBusiness Information Publications
BIPBorder Industrialization Program (Mexico)
BIPBusiness Information Portal
BIPBrookfield Infrastructure Partners (various locations)
BIPBusiness Intelligence Portal
BIPBronchointerstitial Pneumonia
BIPBorder Infrastructure Program (Canada)
BIPBusiness Integration Partners (Italy)
BIPBorder Inspection Post (UK)
BIPBroadband Initiatives Program (USDA)
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BIP Capital has raised four funds and invested nearly USD 200m since its founding a decade ago, with almost 80 % of its current investments based in Georgia and the metro Atlanta area.
According to the sources, the BIP has so far investigated more than 80 engineers and technicians and reviewed several reports including one on the safety procedures and the maintenance of the crane.
As a result, 3 bacterial strains BSH 3a, BIP 4a and BRR 3a gave maximum growth at pH 7.
BIP Capital has invested more than USD160 million over the last eight years, predominantly across four assets classes: private equity, growth venture capital, early-stage venture capital, and private debt.
Mark Buffington, managing director of BIP Capital, said, 'As BIP Capital continues its growth with Institutions, Family Offices, and High-Net Worth Investors, adding an experienced talent like Todd is a natural next step.
De Lima called anew on all Peza locators to use the Batangas International Port, noting that they "can do so much to help balance the port container traffic distribution by shifting their Calabarzon destined shipments from Manila ports to the BIP.
The exhibition zone of BIP Asia has been expanded this year to facilitate networking activities and information-sharing among IP practitioners.
Total RNA was isolated from BIP cells using the TRIzol reagent (Gibco-BRL, Grand Island, NY), according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Tartisma: Tiroid hucrelerinde in vitro ortamda BIP aktivasyonu gosterilmesine ragmen bizim calismamizda HT'li hasta alt gruplarinda Anti-BIP duzeyi kontrol grubundan farkli bulunmamistir.
The first-stage preamplification PCR reaction is performed with FIP/BIP primers, yielding an amplification product having the FIP and BIP primer sequences incorporated in the 5' ends.
In 1998, I wrote to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, imploring him to scrap the BIP because it criminalised genuinely disabled people.