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BIPABenefits Improvement and Protection Act of 2000
BIPABristol Institute of Performing Arts (UK)
BIPABritish Internet Publishers' Alliance
BIPABi-Directionally Fed Phased Array Antenna
BIPABalls in Play Average (baseball statistic)
BIPABritish Indian Psychiatric Association (UK)
BIPABristol Institute of Public Affairs (UK)
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While the first arbitration which was initiated in 2014 by the company under the India-Netherlands BIPA is still going on, they want the second process to start under the India-UK pact," Singh argued.
This aggrieved the firm and the Vodafone International Holdings BV invoked the arbitration clause under BIPA between India and Netherlands.
Since BIPA is a 10-year treaty with a clause that it will be renewed automatically if neither party shows interest in terminating or re-drawing it after the end of the term, the notices will serve as termination letters and the partner countries will have to decide their next course of action.
The court found that Illinois law applies and that the plaintiffs have stated a claim under BIPA.
BIPA prohibits private companies from collecting or storing biometric identifiers - including face geometry - without first obtaining expressed written consent.
Key recommendations of the BIPA report included: The Irish and UK governments should introduce more lengthy custodial sentences for illicit trade, and Legislatures should examine company law to try to prevent firms which have been detected from transferring to another legal entity.
The signing of the BIPA also opens up the possibility of a High Level Task Force meeting again in early January 2014 to explore investment opportunities.
George was very keen right from the beginning and we agreed I would trial the first BIPA in the summer of 2005.
2) Has the implementation of the 1999 BBRA or the 2000 BIPA attenuated BBA impacts?
BIPA requires that BIPA PPS rates be adjusted for inflation and changes in scope of services.
REWE Austria belongs to the REWE group and is active in food retail, drugstores and travel agencies in Austria through the brands Billa, Merkur, Mondo, Emma and Bipa.
However, rather than "protecting" even this increase, BIPA provided a temporary solution: The new rate would be in effect only from April 1, 2001, until October 31, 2002.