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BIPMBureau International des Poids et Mesures (International Bureau of Weights and Measures; France)
BIPMBusiness Intelligence Process Management (software)
BIPMBureau of Invasive Plant Management (Florida)
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The BIPM director said Gulfmet has encouraged the participation of associate members from other regions, including Turkey, Korea and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this is a very useful way to exchange knowledge to accelerate the development of Gulfmet.
In this process, the check standards are calibrated against K20, and the results are compared against historical values from the BIPM and previous internal verifications [6].
The beat-frequency procedure for calibration of HeNe laser interferometers with reference on MIRS1 primary standard laser at Laboratory for Production Measurements was evaluated by EURAMET experts and other regional metrology organizations, than the relevant calibration and measurement capabilities of MIRS were included into CMC base at BIPM, 2010.
procedure was already successfully accredited and entered as additional Calibration and measurement capability--CMC into the key comparison database at BIPM.
Al Kuwari further pointed out that Qatar boasted of having one of the biggest metrological laboratories within the region, bigger than Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and planned to join the International Bureau of Weights and Measures popularly known as BIPM in the future.
TCS leads such market defining opportunities and is focused on building value- added solutions with Ingres to provide their customers with wide choices," said Deepak Kumar, director, global pre-sales BIPM, Tata Consultancy Services.
Calibrations of Laser frequency have been contrasted against BIPM pattern by the manufacturer in 2000 and by BIPM during ICAG 2001 intercomparison.
There are various flavors of the GUM, some developed by BIPM, NIST, and other national measurement institutes.
UTC is defined by France's BIPM as an ensemble average of data from national timing labs like NIST.
Traceable Time - UTC (local) time and the individual clock times are reported to the BIPM so the clocks become part of the international time composite that is UTC.
20] GUM, Guia para la expresion de la incertidumbre de medida, publicada por ISO en nombre del BIPM, IEC, IFCC, ILAC, ISO, IUPAC, IUPAP y OIML.