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Created through a close collaboration between Sabic and Solbian Energie Alternative, an innovative flexible photovoltaic (PV) production company, Lexan BIPV panels combine tough, lightweight, transparent Lexan Thermoclea PC sheet with flexible PV laminated crystalline cells from Solbian and are available in a broad range of structures, configurations and colours," it added.
Another important benefit of Lexan BIPV panels is light weight that can make them less expensive to transport and facilitates easy and fast assembly.
The BIPV rooftop project has a budgeted total investment of RMB160 million
The company added that it expects to develop new processes and technologies that will help the system "advance the cause of green construction, and have a positive impact both on Ohio's economy and on energy costs for those using the BIPV system.
Since commencing operations in Los Angeles in 2003, Solar Integrated has been focused on executing a quality management system that controls processes related to product design, manufacturing, certification, marketing and sale of its proprietary BIPV systems.
The annual value of the BIPV market will quadruple over the next five years, growing from $606 million in 2012 to more than $2.
In our view, BIPV overall is in a transition and must refine its messaging to an end-user base with shifting priorities.
This report provides guidance on the new economics of BIPV in a new business environment where demand patterns have changed and subsidies have begun to disappear.
This project demonstrates the traction that Suntech's China-based systems integration business is achieving by upselling state-of-the-art BIPV solar solutions and helping to promote the use of alternative energy sources in China,'' said Dr.
Solar Integrated is the pioneer and market leader in the rapidly emerging market for BIPV roofing systems.
NanoMarkets has been covering the BIPV market now for more than six years and has published numerous industry analysis reports in this space.
These panels will be used in utility-scale projects, industrial rooftop systems as well as BIPV agricultural solutions, in Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Shandong and other provinces in China.