BIQBureau d'Immigration du Québec (French: Quebec Immigration Office; Canada)
BIQBusiness Intelligence Quotient
BIQBiarritz, France - Parme (Airport Code)
BIQBeyond IQ (Intelligence Quotient; conference)
BIQBody-Image Ideals Questionnaire (psychology)
BIQBasic Infantry Qualification (Canadian Forces)
BIQBack in Quarters (emergency response)
BIQBuilding in Quality (Australian program)
BIQBeth Israel Psychosomatic Questionnaire
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A number of minor modifications were made to the BIQ to make the instrument more relevant to the sport of figure skating.
This year will see the newly formed WM7, a collaboration of seven local authority building control teams (Birmingham City Council, Coventry City Council, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, and Wolverhampton City Council) joining forces for the first time to all nominate projects for the 2009 BIQ Awards.
Exceptionally successful companies--from Jet Blue to Progressive Insurance, from Zara to Medtronic, from Louis Vuitton to Electronic Arts--have figured out the importance of BIQ.
The BIQ has demonstrated strong validity in several studies through its significant correlation with the Body Areas Satisfaction Scale, the Situational Inventory of Body-Image Dysphoria, the Appearance Schemas Inventory, the Bulimia Test Revised, and the Eating Attitudes Test (Cash & Syzmanski, 1995; Syzmanski & Cash, 1995).
See also Dena Taylor, "A Note on William Blake and the Druids of Primrose Hill," BIQ 17.
AaIQ through BIQ may be modified by a "1", "2" or "3" to indicate positioning within each rating category.
In the coming weeks, a QlikTech-enhanced version of Opera Solutions' BIQ product will also be made available on QlikMarket, QlikTech's recently launched Web marketplace.
MR BROCKLEBANK'S sympathy goes to Hans van der Heijden, director at BIQ Architecten, who suffered a double whammy last Tuesday.
com), a global leader in machine-learning science and advanced Big Data analytics, today disclosed the joint acquisition of BIQ, a specialist in OLAP analysis software and spend analysis, and Lexington Analytics, a leading distributor of BIQ and provider of analytic services to procurement professionals.
The major refurbishment at Bluecoat Chambers is the first public building that Dutch architects BIQ have ever carried out.
That the city's oldest secular building is entered in the awards is a tremendous fillip for Dutch architects BIQ and their Liverpool partners, who poured their hearts into the transformation and preservation of this city centre jewel.
BIQ, Cimetrics, Cisco Systems, Delta Controls, Energy Curtailment Specialists Inc.