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BIRABritish Institute of Regulatory Affairs
BIRABuilt-In Redundancy Analysis (memory algorithm)
BIRABelgian Investor Relations Association (Belgium)
BIRABest Independent Restaurants Association (Tallahassee, FL)
BIRABuilt-In Redundancy Allocation
BIRABandwidth-Based Integrated Routing Algorithm
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Hammon, stated, "BIRA has provided DOE a diverse research plan that will build and expand upon the successes of the BIRA team over the last seven-and-one-half-years.
It took just three minutes for Stevenage to take the lead as Bira Dembele nodded home.
I'm very fussy about what I eat and when I saw what was in the McNugget I went white," Nikki, from Atherstone, told the Birtold the BirA -mingham Mail.
STEVENAGE (4-4-2): Sam Beasant; Bira Dembele (Jon Ashton h/t), Harry Worley (56 mins, B Triallist), Dean Wells, A Triallist; Chris Whelpdale, Andrew Bond (Simon Walton h/t), Charlie Lee, Tom Pett; Darius Charles (Roarie Deacon h/t), Adam Marriott.
The number of independent shops has grown consistently since 2009, according to the LDC and BIRA, but the rate of growth has slowed.
The UPC militia targeted civilians perceived to be non-Hema, such as those belonging to Lendu, Bira and Nande ethnic groups".
Accused, Bira Thoibi, and her sister Stoile Naubi are currently in judicial custody.
Lors de l'inauguration, hier dimanche, d'une serie de nouveaux projets, a Bira, Younes s'est dit insatisfait d'etre oblige a reduire l'usage de l'electricite en vue de proteger le reseau de s'effondrer au cours de la canicule actuelle, la plus pire sur la planete depuis 150 annees.
Later, we found out about the damage," said Bira, a local.
It is also the birthplace of one of the most fantastic firearms ever designed--the double-barreled Bira machine gun.
Trk Tuborg Bira Ve Malt Sanayii As Acquired by Cbc Group