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BIRADSBreast Imaging Reporting and Data Systems
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Using standard reporting system in mammography BIRADS (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System) presented by ACR (American College of Radiology) can help the clinicians to understand unique concept from the different radiologist's mammographic reports.
B mod US'ye gore BIRADS 5 olarak degerlendirilen 16 lezyonun tamami histopatolojik olarak malin lezyon olarak tani alirken, BI-RADS 3 olarak degerlendirilen lezyonlarin sadece 1 tanesi malin olarak tanimlandi.
Limited studies have analysed observer variability in mammographic interpretation using BIRADS assessment as well as breast density categories.
To the best of our knowledge, all research on BIRADS lesions has been performed on patients in Europe and North America.
4% of mammograms reported as BIRADS 1 and 2 and consequently not seen at the tertiary centre.
Ninety-one exams in 74 patients were categorized as BIRADS 6 (known breast cancer); nine of the 74 patients had multiple exams, ranging from two to six per patient.
No se evidenciaron calcificaciones ni cambios en el tejido celular subcutaneo reportado por el BIRADS Ecografico III (probablemente benigno).
Breast MRI examinations of 132 patients with 120 malignant and 31 benign lesions from a consecutive 16-month time period that were classified as BIRADS (Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System) category 4-6 in the initial MRI report and that had histopathological verification were used.
Los objetivos del BIRADS son: estandarizar la terminologia y la sistematica del informe mamografico, categorizar las lesiones estableciendo el grado de sospecha, y asignar una recomendacion sobre la actitud a tomar en cada caso.
The baseline and 6th month BIRADS categories of the patients with increased density on the 6th month mammography BIRDS category Group 1 (n=6) Group 2 (n=5) N n n n Baseline 6th month Baseline 6th month BIRDS 1 1 1 BIRDS 2 6 4 2 BIRDS 3 6 2 BIRDS category Group 3 (n=4) N N Baseline 6th month BIRDS 1 2 BIRDS 2 2 3 BIRDS 3 1
Twelve board-certified radiologists trained on 200 tomosynthesis imaging cases were asked to score the digital mammography images as Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BIRADS) 0, 1, and 2, For those cases scored as a BIRADS 0, the radiologists were asked to give a forced BIRADS score of 1-5 indicating the likelihood of disease in that patient, and to assign a probability of malignancy score rating from 1 to 100.