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BIRALBristol Industrial & Research Associates Ltd. (UK)
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BIR AL-GHANAM, Libya: Libyan rebels who seized Biral Al-Ghanam, 80 kilometers south of Tripoli, said Monday they would now push on toward Moammar Gadhafi's stronghold in the capital but expected a tough fight.
Iran with its 75 million people has also a good market for the Turkish goods," Biral said in Iran's Western city of Hamedan.
LEONARDO BIRAL, Universidade Estadual Paulista "Julio de Mesquita Filho", Institute de Biociencias, Depto.
Biral says a key feature of the BTD-300 is its immunity to all manmade radio interference, since it is the first detector to measure electrostatic, instead of radio signals, to automatically detect and range lightning.
On the same lines, a regional research titled China Ambient light sensors Industry Report 2015 is spread across 153 pages and profiles companies like AMS, Silabs, Onsemi, Microsemi, Texas Instruments, Osram, Sparkfun, Capella, Biral, Liteon, Panasonic, Excelitas, Sharp, Murata and New Japan Radio Co.
The announcement of the deal comes a day after the Aditya Biral group's merged its apparel businesses to create ` 5,290- crore fashion
Birals Cape could be crowned king Soumillon or no Soumillon, I am not sure what Cape Blanco is doing in the Arc.
The focus of discussion of this chapter revolves around the contributions of various industrialist families such as Sir Dorabjee Tata, the Birals, the Bajaj Chettiars etc.
Birals Email in no more than 40 words to editor@racingpost.
Birals, Italy I thought the ride he gave Eucharist was just incredible.
Birals, Italy jjBacking a horse to pounds 80k and laying the same horse to pounds 20k is not cheating.
Birals, Italy vvBring back the Bula While it can never be considered good news when a major sponsorship deal comes to an end, perhaps the decision by Boylesports not to renew their backing of Cheltenham's December fixture will be the catalyst for the reinstatement of a much-missed race name, the Bula Hurdle.