BIRCBioinformatics Research Centre
BIRCBio-Integral Resource Center
BIRCBiological Information Research Center (Japan)
BIRCBusiness Innovation Research Center (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
BIRCBiomedical Imaging Research Center (University of Fukui; Michigan State University)
BIRCBritish Indoor Rowing Championship (Concept 2; UK)
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BIRC Corporation is a British Columbia based fund that facilitates, develops and invests in critical service infrastructure in support of B.
BIRC will concentrate on areas such as Southeast Asian Language Resources, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Information Extraction, Speech Information Processing and Multimedia Processing.
This year, for the first time ever in the UK, BIRC is also the host event for the 2012 Euro Open.
49, 41 seconds down on BIRC team-mate Jack Beaumont from Maidenhead in pole position.
BIRC also offers a variety of publications and educational aids; send $1 for a list.
Such has been the popularity of the sport ( the BIRC is the largest mass participation sports event in the UK ( the timetable has had to be increased to accommodate extra entrants.
A Dual BIRC Membership, which includes subscriptions to both publications, also is available for $55 per year.
Scallops were allowed to acclimatize to conditions at BIRC for 1 wk prior to commencement of experimental work.
Within the BIRC agricultural products industry, China is the leading country among the BRIC nations with market revenues of $1,062,548.