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BIRDSBharati Integrated Rural Development Society (India)
BIRDSBaltimore International Rhythm and Drumming Society (Maryland)
BIRDSBaqai Institute of Reproduction and Developmental Sciences (Pakistan)
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The houses and the signs of life apparent in the village drove the alarmed birds from the direct line of their flight, toward the mountains, along the sides and near the bases of which they were glancing in dense masses, equally wonderful by the rapidity of their motion and their incredible numbers.
The fairies have their tiffs with the birds, but they usually give a civil answer to a civil question, and he was quite angry when these two ran away the moment they saw him.
As we shall not see her again, it may be worth mentioning here that all Never birds now build in that shape of nest, with a broad brim on which the youngsters take an airing.
These birds are not unfrequently kept either in cages or in courtyards, with their wings cut.
The princess carried the cage straight into the garden, and, as soon as the bird began to sing, nightingales, larks, thrushes, finches, and all sorts of other birds mingled their voices in chorus.
Then the magician brewed a powerful potion out of nine sorts of herbs which he had gathered himself all alone by moonlight, and he gave the youth nine spoonfuls of it daily for three days, which made him able to understand the language of birds.
After crossing a rather large prairie, we arrived at the skirts of a little wood that was enlivened by the songs and flight of a large number of birds.
No one would ever have thought of teaching, or probably could have taught, the tumbler-pigeon to tumble,--an action which, as I have witnessed, is performed by young birds, that have never seen a pigeon tumble.
From every part of the eastern counties reports were received concerning the enormous immigration of birds.
The birds twittered more and more loudly and busily in the thicket.
Tom Jones, when very young, had presented Sophia with a little bird, which he had taken from the nest, had nursed up, and taught to sing.
As the clock struck twelve he heard a rustling noise in the air, and a bird came flying that was of pure gold; and as it was snapping at one of the apples with its beak, the gardener's son jumped up and shot an arrow at it.