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BIRUBrain Injury Rehabilitation Unit
BIRUBeneficial Insects Research Unit (United States Department of Agriculture)
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Likewise, biru means "building"; but biru, with a bar above the "i," means "beer.
Tobago policeman Biru Singh said: "He'd hung himself.
Simply typing the name of the biographical subject--say, Biru Dubala--into Google will bring up the Ethiopia index page of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography.
Sources familiar with the move said Resona Holdings will repurchase the building owned by Semba Sangyo, Kowa Kogyo and NF Biru Kaihatsu for about 28 billion yen in total.
And during the World Cup in 2002 he brewed a special beer, Warudo Geppu Biru or World Burp Beer.
The ongoing mistreatment of Oromo elites by the Ethiopian government and elites, the conspiracy to deny Oromos educational and professional opportunities, and the attempt to destroy the association's leadership led its charismatic leader, Brigader General Taddasa Biru, to intensify their snuggle (Zoga, 1993: 118-133).
Helena Biru and Helma Nahak have been hiding in a forest area in the East Timor district of Viqueque since the breakout of post-referendum violence.
Most batik is cotton; common grades are biru (slightly coarse), prima (finer textured), and primissima (fine, smooth surfaced).
Residents in Dathang, Biru County, had gathered outside the local government office to protest at the arrest of a villager detained for refusing to fly a Chinese flag.
a 141,850 PLANTATION ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Source: BPS, processed Table--3 Specifications of wheat flour products of Bogasari Cakra Specifications of Kembar Cakra Segitiga Kunci product Emas Kembar Biru Biru Water content (%) Max.
The London-based group Free Tibet said cousins Tsepo, 20, and Tenzin, 25, called for independence for Tibet as they set themselves on fire on Thursday in front of a government building in their village in Biru county north of Lhasa, Tibet's main city, reports The Guardian.
That's because Patt, who is also with BIRU, is experimenting with petitgrain oils--essential oils used as perfume bases--to see which work best in mimicking the flushing shoots that attract Asian citrus psyllids.