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173) The CEO warned that the dispute over the revised study was "fast approaching a situation painfully reminiscent of that of the late 1970's with its acrimonious public debate over the scientific objectivity and competence of NIOSH studies," (174) a debate, it will be recalled, that was generated primarily by Brush Wellman consultants now sitting on BISAC.
177) This overture was consistent with the company's desire to "[d]evelop a long-term strategy through BISAC which will place the cancer issue in proper perspective.
Rogers reported to BISAC that a recent study showing that airborne beryllium caused lung cancer in rats had, in her view, been adequately conducted.
187) Understanding that the IARC meeting was "extremely important to the beryllium industry" and that the focus of the meeting was likely to be on the epidemiological studies, BISAC concluded that it would be best to specify BISAC member Dr.
MacMahon told BISAC that he would redouble his efforts to prepare a review article critiquing those studies and the earlier NIOSH studies.
As discussed in connection with BISAC's consideration of LTT screening, the international conference that BISAC envisioned for that issue had by January 1993 been co-opted to some extent by the NIEHS, which had insisted that the second day of the conference be devoted to beryllium's carcinogenicity.
MacMahon on BISAC in January of 1994, suggested that the excess cancers at the Loraine plant might be explained by some factor unique to the processes that were employed at that plant.
218) Third, BISAC should "have a knowledgeable chemical engineer model and analyze the Lorain calcinations process, looking for support of the opinion" of the two retired employees.
226) Thus, the uncertainty that BISAC manufactured found its way into the NIOSH communication to the workers at Brush Wellman's plants.
242) With the help of BISAC, the company succeeded in forestalling regulation for the better part of a decade.
If, however, an industry's products or activities are likely to prove controversial on a continuing basis, it can assemble a permanent panel of experts to provide advice to the industry and relevant regulatory agencies as the beryllium industry did with BISAC.
As the BISAC and CIR examples suggest, the privately sponsored blue ribbon panel is an especially useful device for "deconstructing" one or more scientific studies that could, if relied upon by regulatory authorities, threaten the economic well-being of a company or industry.