BISCOBayou Interfaith Shared Community Organizing (Thibodaux, LA)
BISCOBritish Iron and Steel Corporation (UK)
BISCOBand Instrument Service Company (St Louis, Missouri)
BISCOBuilding Integration Software Company Ltd
BISCOBrandenburg Industrial Service Company
BISCOBest Industrial Supply Co., Ltd.
BISCOBangladesh Oniyavara Seva Coota (Indian anti-child labor advocacy)
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BISCO proudly manufactures its materials in the United States and markets its products through highly trained, focused distributors outside the United States.
At presstime, BISCO had been granted $5,000 from the Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health in New York City, and $2,500 from LDRE Gauthe said her staff of nine has also taken a 25 percent pay cut to keep its doors open.
Rogers then casts its clear BISCO Silicone on top of the film.
With 20 years' experience inflexible materials, I knew that there was nothing out there that compared to BISCO Silicones.
The combination of extreme softness, availability in wide, continuous rolls, very high shielding effectiveness, high compression-set resistance, and availability in thin cross-sections makes it possible for BISCO EC-2000 Series silicones to replace fabric-over-foam in thin, intricately shaped applications.
Rogers' BISCO MF1[R] product is a seating material that was recently specified into all passenger seats in the Seattle Sound Transit refurbishment project, which will be completed by mid-2013.
For the Sydney, Australia NSW Rolling Stock PPP Project, new trains provided by Reliance Rail include high-performance gaskets die-cut from BISCO foams and solid materials.
5 million of revenue for Rogers and demonstrate that BISCO Silicones are the materials of choice when it comes to meeting the most demanding requirements for fabricating floating floor pads, passenger seats, and general gasket and sealing applications in mass transit systems worldwide," said Robert Wachob, President and CEO of Rogers Corporation.
By consistently demonstrating low stiffness and excellent elasticity, Rogers BISCO L3-A will ensure maximum vibration isolation properties under all travel conditions.
The driving force behind Rogers' development of this unique silicone foam technology is the global market need for the rail industry to improve safety and reduce noise thereby enhancing travelers' comfort and satisfaction," Premal Patel, senior market development specialist, Rogers Corporation, BISCO Silicones.
The company's BISCO L3-foam satisfies regulatory initiatives for a safer, more efficient traveling environment.
Electricity generated by these generators will replace the same amount of elasticity that BISCO otherwise will have to purchase from the coal-fired power plants of the power grid, thus resulting in reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.