BISDBefore I Self Destruct (50 Cent album)
BISDBrownsville Independent School District (Texas)
BISDBrazosport Independent School District (est. 1944; Clute, TX)
BISDBasic Instruments and Selected Documents
BISDBryan Independent School District (Bryan, TX)
BISDBuilt-In Self Diagnosis
BISDBaby-Induced Sleep Deprivation
BISDBuilt-In Stuff Detector (polite form)
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See Report of the Panel, United States--Measures Affecting the Importation, Internal Sale and Use of Tobacco, 1118, BISD 41S/131 (Oct.
In addition to the grant money, the BASF Beaumont plant also donated safety glasses for BISD students to use in the classroom.
68) GATT Panel Report, United States--Export Restrictions (Czechoslovakia), II BISD 28 11/28 (8 June 1949); see World Trade Organization, Guide to GATT Law and Practice--Analytical Index, (World Trade Organization, 6th edn, 1995) 606.
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The BISD is a fast, in its reaction to the signal changes, method for separation of the cardiac and respiratory components.
4 (1987) (hereinafter US--Superfund); Working Party Report on Border Tax Adjustments, BISD 18S/97, [paragraph] 14 (1970).
Wallace had been Tuloso-Midway ISD's executive director of technology and information management systems (TIMS), and Waddell thought a reprisal of that role at BISD was just what his new district needed.
BISD also created a magnet school system in conjunction with community leaders to help motivate students to stay in school and to fill high-skill local jobs in health care, engineering, criminal justice, education, and business.
62) Differential and More Favourable Treatment Reciprocity and Fuller Participation of Developing Countries, GATT, BISD 26 Supp 203 (1980).
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