BISDBefore I Self Destruct (50 Cent album)
BISDBrownsville Independent School District (Texas)
BISDBrazosport Independent School District (est. 1944; Clute, TX)
BISDBasic Instruments and Selected Documents
BISDBryan Independent School District (Bryan, TX)
BISDBuilt-In Self Diagnosis
BISDBaby-Induced Sleep Deprivation
BISDBuilt-In Stuff Detector (polite form)
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The BISD is a fast, in its reaction to the signal changes, method for separation of the cardiac and respiratory components.
Wallace had been Tuloso-Midway ISD's executive director of technology and information management systems (TIMS), and Waddell thought a reprisal of that role at BISD was just what his new district needed.
Anderson sees a strong career and technical education program such as theirs in BISD as "a plan for the future" that gives students not only the core academic competencies and technical skills, but also the opportunity to spend time learning what they want to do.
citing United States Measures Affecting Alcoholic and Malt Beverages, BISD 39S/206, para.
Decision on Improvements to the GATT Dispute Settlement Rules and Procedures, 36 BISD 61 (1990).
Through a partnership with the Brownsville Independent School District (BISD), the University of Texas at Brownsville and local non-profit organizations, H-E-B is piloting a six-week program in the Brownsville community on eight BISD campuses.
The grant money will provide for advanced science content instruction from university professors and specialists to BISD teachers, who will in turn share the new content with their colleagues throughout the District, strengthening the science content and learning experience for all BISD science students.
District officials indicate fiscal 2009 expenditures are primarily on target with budget projections and that BISD will most likely seek an additional, discretionary operating tax levy from voters in October 2009.
BISD reserves the right to publish subsequent proposals in order
BISD is expected to have minimal capital needs after this $12 million authorization.
9 miles of U-37475 BISD 39,380 km, which runs about 95% of the distance in galleries, tunnels and bridges.
1 The scope of services will include geotechnical engineering, testing of soils and construction materials, field and laboratory services, and reports as required for the purpose of quality control and assurance of construction activities of BISD.