BISGBayesian Improved Surname Geocoding (banking)
BISGBook Industry Study Group, Inc.
BISGBusiness Imaging Solutions Group
BISGBrain Injury Support Group
BISGBoca Information Sciences Group, Inc. (Boca Raton, FL)
BISGBrant Industrial Services Group (Belgium)
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First, models were estimated using the BISG imputed race and ethnicity data.
The BISG report says, "Consumers do not distinguish between e-books published by traditional houses and independently published options when making buying decisions.
The e-book market is developing very fast, with consumer attitudes and behaviors changing over the course of months, rather than years," said BISG deputy executive director Angela Bole.
Using a retrospective cohort design, we added BISG probability outputs to pediatric data to evaluate whether these probabilities improve existing methods of imputing missing race/ethnicity.
Mason Olds, senior vice president and general manager of Sales, BISG, leads the charge to empower Canon dealers with the opportunity to enhance relationships with their customers by helping them navigate through a rapidly changing business environment where offering smart solutions is the key to success.
The study population was limited to those who had self-reported race/ ethnicity information available in Kaiser Permanente's electronic medical record (EMR) system databases and had a geocodable address allowing race/ ethnicity to be calculated using BISG.
BISG provides free detailed descriptions of each study, sample pages, and links to press releases (which often contain some of the study highlights).
BISG released a report in January called "Consumer Attitudes Toward Ebook Reading," which found that almost one in five people surveyed said they've stopped purchasing print books within the past 12 months, in favor of purchasing the digital edition.
Junichi Yoshitake, will continue to build the BISG business into an industry leading solutions, services and support business.
Very soon after beginning the ONIX project, the AAP invited EDItEUR and BISG to join in the effort.