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BISTBuilt-In Self-Test
BISTBehavior Intervention Support Team (Kansas, MO)
BISTBromsgrove International School Thailand (Bangkok)
BISTBristol Islamic Schools Trust (Bristol, UK)
BISTBrain Injury Society of Toronto (Canada)
BISTBansal Institute of Science and Technology (Bhopal, India)
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Demonstrations on Teradyne's Catalyst test system and its VX test simulation software will preview LogicVision's BIST Access software, which delivers at-speed debug and diagnostics when used in conjunction with LogicVision's BIST on chip.
The method provides ordered capture clocks to detect or locate faults within multiple clock domains and faults crossing clock domains in an integrated circuit during at-speed BIST or at-speed scan-testing.
Tony Masella, Teradyne's Test Simulation Business Unit Manager and lead technical advisor for the newly formed Teradyne/LogicVision relationship, said, "Technologies such as BIST are becoming increasingly important to semiconductor design and test teams.
In a high-speed volume-manufacturing environment, the BIST Assist cards are expected to deliver a significant cost reduction over conventional at-speed production solutions.
The Technical Training Scholarship Fund will extend life-changing opportunities like OTT and BIST to people who might remain permanently locked out of mainstream society because of disability or special need.
Integrating the technologies from Tektronix, such as histogram analyst BIST (HA BIST), analog probing and high-speed timing analysis, with our current BISTMaxx(TM) product line enables Opmaxx to offer the widest variety of BIST solutions to customers involved in SOC or intellectual property (IP) designs.
With advanced Logic and Memory BIST (built-in self-test) capabilities, Magma's DFT solution is natively architected to efficiently target subtle defect mechanisms that are starting to dominate silicon quality at today's advanced process geometries.
BIST has been around for some time, but had been mostly implemented only at the chip level.
On 4 April, Chairman of the Executive Board of the BIST Ibrahim Turhan announced nearing the completion of the project at the at the Eighth Turkish-Arab Economy Forum in Istanbul, adding that he hoped the project would eventually "cover the whole region", according to Turkey-based news agency Anadol.
New ATPG solutions based on Magma's advanced technology combined with our industry-leading logic BIST solution will ensure our customers have the tools necessary to meet all their logic test needs.