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BISTBuilt-In Self-Test
BISTBuilt-in Self Test
BISTBehavior Intervention Support Team (Kansas, MO)
BISTBromsgrove International School Thailand (Bangkok)
BISTBristol Islamic Schools Trust (Bristol, UK)
BISTBackward Instability Shock Test (spaceflights)
BISTBrain Injury Society of Toronto (Canada)
BISTBansal Institute of Science and Technology (Bhopal, India)
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Based on experiments, EDT test points reduce ATPG-based test pattern counts but are not as effective in BIST mode since they cannot guarantee desired random testability.
12) Financial institutions cover their liquidity needs at a significantly higher cost through the BIST repo market, the CBRT overnight lending, or the PD repo (see Figure 5, for the time frame on days of additional monetary tightening).
Generally, a BIST will prove to be more useful to a BSB than a COIST when the BSB is short on personnel or when the personnel who will be performing the intelligence support duties have not received COIST training.
Isiklar added that the downward trend in BIST could continue through Friday.
LogicVision's Dragonfly Test Platform(tm) enables integrated circuit designers to embed BIST functionality into a semiconductor design.
Established production tester companies and startups are working on a new kind of tester that assumes the existence of extensive BIST.
An increasingly common requirement for many automotive parts is the capability to perform online memory BIST testing.
Juniper employed a combination of Mentor's embedded deterministic test pattern generation and memory BIST products to meet demanding test requirements.
Schelle - Aartselaar: WEGENIS- and drainage works in the Steenwinkelstraat, Tuinlei, Hulstlei, Rodenbach City, Speltenlei, The Hooghen Road, BIST and Molenberglei - Preparatory work;- Topographical operations;- Scarifiying hardening;- Installation of sewers in vitrified clay and concrete + manholes;- Construction of dam wells and overflows;- Laying of paving asphalt, concrete paving;- Installation of speed bumps;- Digging ditches and reprofiling;- Placing kopmuren, dam walls and wooden hedge in the canals;- Maintenance of works.
Yyldyz subsidiaries E[pounds sterling]lker and GE[micro]zde GiriE-im's shares on the BIST each gained 1.
The Japanese Exchange (Tokyo TOPIX) was third following BIST.
Figure 1 shows the interface between a six-output PLL and a PLL BIST circuit that operates in this way.