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BISYNCBinary Synchronous Communication
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lt; and configured, there were problems related to timing issues and to the mapping of bisync to/from SNA.
For IBM Bisync applications, the firm provides an integral protocol converter, called Bluegate, that fits in a single card slot in the DCX 850 frame.
Both units cover the entire spectrum of the line monitoring, data link testing and interactive exercising and simulation in a wide range of network environments, from Bisync to custom programs.
It offers both an Ethernet port for new IP ATM machines and synchronous port with support for Bisync protocol with 3270/3275 emulation for interfacing to legacy devices.
Over half the ATM machines installed today run in Bisync mode and the greater majority of the world's mainframes still utilize SNA.
The first product from the re-named Bridge RF Products Division is an intelligent broadband modem that connects SDLC, HDLC or bisync devices over CATV cable networks.
Protocols can be downloaded to the sensors, enabling the users to easily migrate, for example, from bisync to SDLC, or to move sensors from one line to another.
The CX1000e offers a wide range of user protocols support including legacy SNA/SDLC, Async, 3270 Bisync, HDLC, PPP and X.
The following two Bisync and SDLC/SNA decode examples show the improvements automation has made possible.
Global Pricing is produced using Telesphere's proprietary realtime database software and delivered via Telesphere's state-of-the-art communication server using protocols such as FTP, XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM, Kermit, Bisync.
An enhanced version of the IPC announced at the TCA show simultaneously supports IBM bisync and SNA protocols.