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BITABritish Industrial Truck Association
BITABuilding Industry Technology Academy (Irvine, CA)
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BITABaking Industry Training Australia
BITABureau d'information Technique Agricole
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The gift will establish the Bita Daryabari Presidential Chair in Persian Language and Literature to advance global understanding of Persian language and culture.
At Isleworth crown court, Bita and Bucsa, both from Romania, pleaded guilty to unlawful importation.
Vice chairman of BITA Diane Harding noted Helen's drawing skills and original designs.
Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Dole said government troops killed 20 insurgents during a raid on Friday in the town of Bita, near the Cameroon border.
By breeding successive generations of rats given diets containing reduced amounts of omega-3, Bita Moghaddam and colleagues created a model of the deficiency that has occurred in humans over the past several decades when animals used for meat were switched from an omega-3-rich grass-based diet to one based on grains.
PEOPLECERT's comprehensive solutions can help BiTA further strengthen its international business growth, through its global offering, centralized operations and a global distribution channel.
In another investigation, a group of Palestinians from Kafr Bita, near Nablus, are under arrest for throwing rocks from a moving vehicle, and for attempting to carry out shooting attacks using a homemade firearm in the northern West Bank.
Farhang Mustafa, 30, CEO of Bita General Trading Company, a food wholesaler and the largest trader in Iranian food products says prices have decreased by some 20% during the past few weeks as a result of the currency trading.
peer interactions and pleasurable stimuli," said Professor Bita Moghaddam, with doctoral student David Sturman of Pittsburgh University in the US.
The river level only varies about 5 feet, according to lodge owner Ricardo Madrinan, but the best time to fish the Bita is during the dry season from mid-December to mid-April.