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BITCHBabe In Total Control of Herself
BITCHBeing in Total Control, Honey
BITCHBlack Intelligence Test of Cultural Homogeneity
BITCHBeautiful Individual that Creates Haters
BITCHBirds in the City of Hollywood (MTV Jackass)
BITCHBeautiful Intelligent Talented Creative Honest
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Joseph mumbled indistinctly in the depths of the cellar, but gave no intimation of ascending; so his master dived down to him, leaving me VIS-A-VIS the ruffianly bitch and a pair of grim shaggy sheep-dogs, who shared with her a jealous guardianship over all my movements.
A setter bitch, Laska, ran out too, almost upsetting Kouzma, and whining, turned round about Levin's knees, jumping up and longing, but not daring, to put her forepaws on his chest.
Elton, 68, put on a brave face at Caesars Palace hotel, where the 5,000-strong Colosseum audience was treated to The Bitch is Back - not always his opening song.
Winner of an Open 525 at Shelbourne on her return from the lay-off, the bitch was immediately in front and drew further and further clear to win by 13 lengths from Hi Wee Buns in 44.
West's musings come just three weeks after debuting his romantic ode to girlfriend Kardashian, "Perfect Bitch," at a New York club.
Is it ok to use bitch as long as we put BAD in front of it?
Next best at 4,200gns was 13-month-old black and white bitch Fan from Burnley breeder Shaun Richards.
Sweet is very last season honey, get ready to tear the textbook and go by the bitch guide.
A lack of self-confidence in yourself is a great recipe for dating a bitch.
In the case of XX Bitch Creek Double ESB, Grand Teton took the Bitch Creek recipe and doubled the malt and hops.
The young bitch is a bull terrier type with an orangey-reddish colour.
According to Kate Figes, author of a new book, The Big Fat Bitch Book, bitching is in women's blood - which may be why they are so good at it.