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BITEBuilt-In Test Equipment
BITEBeer in the Evening (UK pub directory)
BITEBattery Impedance Test Equipment
BITEBusiness Information Technology Ethics
BITEBehavior control, Information control, Thought control, Emotional control (components of cults; mind control)
BITEBackward Interworking Telephony Event (ITU-T)
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He looked at the thickness of the neck below the hood, but that was too much for him; and a bite near the tail would only make Nag savage.
But he did not grow too proud, and he kept that garden as a mongoose should keep it, with tooth and jump and spring and bite, till never a cobra dared show its head inside the walls.
minus (a spirochete) is introduced by rat bite, the bite wound initially heals but then ulcerates, followed by regional lymphadenopathy and a distinctive rash of red and purple plaques.
While the bite ratio has hit recent highs, Bobb noted that the number of dog deployments has dropped from 680 in 2001 to 576 last year and the number of suspects arrested also dropped from 185 to 174.
The leukocyte inhibitor dapsone probably limits the severity of the bite and prevents complications.
He wrapped the gadget with squid to lure the horn sharks in his lab to bite.
Last year, insurance companies industrywide paid out $310 million in dog bite claims, up from $295 million in 2000, said Omar Morales, spokesman for the nonprofit Insurance Information Network of California.
Second Bite offers online merchants the ability to recover lost sales and revenue attributed to online shopping cart abandonment.
If the animal is a threat, many companies also offer the option of excluding dog bite liability from coverage, he said.
To mark the introduction of this new product, Kibbles 'n Bits Brushing Bites is launching a national contest to find America's Most Smoochable Pooch(TM).
Ideal Bite spotlighted Starbucks Corporation on March 9, helping to spur a lively discussion amongst the Biter community.
Now, with the introduction of our new Buttered Lobster Bites, customers can enjoy the taste of real langostino lobster at a fast food restaurant, served quickly and at a great price.