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BITERBritish Institute of Traffic Education Research (UK)
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Mr Gardner, who now lives in Newquay, said he was "really enjoying" training others on HMS Biter.
The Biter will join four other ArthroSteer steerable devices - the Punch, Grasper, Ablator and Coagulator - which were developed to afford better outcomes in hip arthroscopy.
Mari Berllan Biter According to legend, Mari Berllan Biter roamed the farms of Cardiganshire in the 19th century with an empty basket on her arm.
These biters are reserved, a little old-fashioned, and good with money.
Paris (the dog) can hardly leave home without being invited to model for a local pet emporium or participate in a celebrity function--save for one problem: This Paris is a barker and a biter.
Any ill-bred, mishandled dog can be a biter," says Randall Lockwood of the Humane Society of the United States in Washington, D.
Patrol vessel HMS Biter will make a special visit to Canning Half-Tide Dock bringing a model of HMS Campanula - the corvette on which Liverpool novelist Nicholas Monsarrat served during World War II.
The latest toys on the market that are safe, free from harmful toxins like phthalates and PVC, and are also fun and Biter baby approved
There can be only one choice to referee November's Hong Kong heavyweight horror show between biter Mike Tyson and low-blow expert Andrew Golota.
His fully voiced performance is excellent and turns this story into a real "nail biter.
The insect, which has spread rapidly through the Southeast and Midwest, "is a very aggressive biter," Mitchell says.
Mercedes-Benz USA is truly ahead of the curve when it comes to empowering their dealerships with the tools they need to effectively market their vehicles online," commented HomeNet's CEO, Jesse Biter.