BITKOMBundesverband Informationswirtschaft Telekommunikation Und Neue Medien Ev (German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media)
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The IT industry is much more optimistic than the overall economy," said BITKOM president Prof.
Many people are using cloud computing without even knowing it," he added, citing a BITKOM survey showing only one in eight people knew what the term meant, despite being avid users already.
Based on the latest BITKOM research figures, bloodsugarmagic expect the software business in Germany to grow about 5% and IT services about 2.
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce said in a statement on Monday that German Informatics and Telecommunication Association BITKOM and Deutsche Messe, which will organize the trade show, declared Turkey as the partner country for the trade show in 2011.
Zimory's recent involvement in the European Commission's cloud computing consultation program and active membership with organizational bodies such as BITKOM, TM Forum and the Open Cloud Business Initiative is helping to drive an industry based on open standards.
Simultaneously, for the first time BITKOM in cooperation with Gartner initiated an opening to connect established companies with startups.
Germany's information and communication technology industry association BITKOM has lodged a formal complaint with the Competition DG of the European Commission against German collecting societies which are claiming copyright levies on personal computers and printers.
1 Source: BITKOM Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media.
The 7th Indo-German ICT Conference organized by BITKOM and its partner association NASSCOM, will take place in Cologne, Germany under the title "New Realities into the Globalized World" on June 9th and 10th, 2011.
A joint declaration by UNICE (Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe), the International Chamber of Commerce, the European Information and Communication Technology Association (EICTA ), the Swedish Business Confederation, BDI (German industrial federation), BITKOM (German federation for the telecommunication and new media industry, Agoria (Belgian multisectoral industrial federation), INTELLECT (British federation representing the information technology and telecommunications sector) and SEDISI (Spanish industrial federation) are urging MEPs to approve the report by British Socialist Arlene McCarthy on the draft Directive.
At present, 13% of jobs cannot be filled and "if nothing is done, in three years it will be impossible to find sufficiently qualified applicants for 18% of jobs", warned Bernhard Rohleder, Director of the German IT association BITKOM.
Michael Schidlack, head of department for consumer electronics and digital home, BITKOM e.