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BITNETBecause It's Time Network
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The prominent network for colleges and universities was BITNET (Because It's Time NETwork), a tree-structured chain of IBM mainframe computers that received and forwarded messages, files, and e-mail from one "node" to the next until they had reached their destinations.
If you use INTERNET instead of BITNET, the same message goes to LISTSERV@uicvm.
spread through BITNET and appeared on IBM's communication network
This is an electronic newsletter distributed through BITNET by Bill McGarry.
The Center is linked to the Louisiana State Government network, Pennsylvania's Shared Medical Systems network, IBM Information Network, NSFnet, and BITNET.
For instance, a researcher using NSFNET, ARPANET and BITNET, which links many universities, must remember at least three different personal codes and password -- and the appropriate "address" for a person receiving a message at the other end.
Richard Griscom's "Bibliography for MLA Networkers," offered in conjunction with his presentation at the 1991 Music Library Association national meeting in Indianapolis, emphasizes BITNET (a logical emphasis considering the Music Library Association Mailing List is a BITNET LISTSERV list) and, while many of the cited sources are still useful, others have been superseded.