BITWBump in the Wire
BITWBack in Time Warehouse (eBay store)
BITWBest in the World
BITWBrick in the Wall
BITWBird Is the Word
BITWBattle in the Wilderness (paintball competition)
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Topping the bill is Violet Deep, with acts like Cellar Door, BITW, Megan Dotchkin and Ellis Rayner also set to play.
AH Authentication Header BITS Bump in the Stack BITW Bump in the Wire CPU Central Processing Unit DES Data Encryption Standard ESP Encapsulating Security Payload HMAC Hashed Message Authentication Code IDEA Internet Development and Exchange Association IDS Intrusion Detection System IETF Internet Engineering Task Force IPSec Internet Protocol Security ISP Internet Service Provider KMAC Keyed Message Authentication Code MAC Message Authentication Code NIC Network Interface Card PKI Public Key Infrastructure SA Security Association SPD Security Policy Database TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol VPN Virtual Private Network
The FR-1000 provides full feature parity with its current IPv4 BITW implementation, supporting flow classification, control, prioritization, delivery and management, as well as host (subscriber/user) equalization and behavioral recognition.