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BIWABusiness Intelligence, Warehousing and Analytics (Oracle)
BIWABali International Women's Association
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Brazilian Vanderlei de Lima, who won the bronze medal at the Athens Olympics men's marathon despite being attacked by a defrocked Irish priest, is considering taking part in next year's Lake Biwa Mainichi marathon in March.
The cities are located in eastern Shiga Prefecture, close to Lake Biwa.
65 square kilometers of swamplands, twice as large as Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, have disappeared.
Completed some ten years after the 1954 strike centered in the Lake Biwa castle town of Hikone, Silk and Insight was written with the benefit of a cynicism born of hindsight and the advantages of a tumultuous decade in Japanese political and social life.
The Tale of Heike was accompanied by the biwa (lute), and blind minstrel priests were the main keepers of the tradition.
Project planning began in October 2013, when Shiga Prefecture was publicly seeking companies to construct a solar power plant on underutilized land on Yabasekihanto Island, located on Lake Biwa.
This particular vehicle will take up to 50 tourists per voyage on a unique tour of Lake Biwa in Japan, northeast of the former capital city Kyoto from both land and water.
At the request of Petitjean, the vicariates in Japan consisted of northern Japan (Hokkaido and Honshu east and north of Lake Biwa) and southern Japan (Honshu west of Lake Biwa, Shikoku, and Kyushu) in 1876.
5-acre Lake Bellagio, which for the Kabuki Spectacle will be transformed into Japan's Lake Biwa, the attraction features a total of 1,214 fountains that can soar to 460 feet and span more than 1,000 feet.
Almost 30 years on, as we sit in his beautiful hillside studio with its views sweeping across steep, lush mountains, verdant rice fields and the vast, glittering expanse of Lake Biwa, it is apparent that the scene that greeted Hoshino on that day still haunts his thoughts.
biwa and Davide Santon at St ere's now huge pressure on the shoulders of Mike Williamson - who has outlasted internationals Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Davide Santon at St James' Park.